United Integrity Group, Inc. researches the best rates for Medicare Supplement plans on your behalf. It often comes as a surprise to many people that all Medicare Supplement plans (A-N) are identical from insurance company to insurance company. The only difference is the price you pay for the plan from one company to another. Don't overpay any longer, and simply call today. No phone mazes. No being bounced around. No confusion.


Our expertise is evaluating your current insurance plan (A-N), your current health challenges, and the cost of your current coverage. We partner with the most competitive insurance companies in the country resulting in the advanced ability to shop your plan with more options than anyone else and find you the best rates possible.

Your details and risk factors may change, which means that you may now qualify for a better rate than you did previously. That's why we don't just shop you a plan once and disappear - we will stay with you to advocate on your behalf and perform annual reviews on both your Medicare Supplement plan and your Prescription Drug coverage to make sure you're always getting the best rate possible.


Yes. For example, if you have Medicare Supplement plan G with one company, it is identical to Medicare Supplement plan G with another. You keep seeing your own doctors and using your own hospitals of choice. The only difference would be the monthly premium for the same exact coverage.

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Medigap Plans A-N
Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans A B C D F G K L M N
Basic Benefits 50% 75%
Part B Coinsurance 50% 75% Copay
Skilled Nursing 50% 75%
Part A Deductible 50% 75% 50%
Part B Deductible
Part B Excess 100% 100%
Foreign Travel Emergency
Preventitive Care
Part B Coinsurance

Call today to find out if you can save money by switching to a different insurance company while still keeping your same doctors and coverage. We will review all of details with you in a meeting that is most convenient for you, whether in your home, at your favorite coffee shop, or over the phone. With our assistance, you will have all the tools needed to make an informed decision about what is best for your health care coverage.

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