Stanley W.

My representative was able to get my MediCare & Supplemental off the ground.  He did the grunt work which put my mind at ease and I was able to make a decent choices.  He was found to be cordial and extremely knowledgeable.  I was quite anxious about the process...

Marlena M.

Our representative was the best I have ever dealt with.  I feel he honestly is someone concerned with my well-being.  Your company is the best out of all the previous ones I’ve reviewed.  I’m really glad to be doing business with you.  I feel as though you...

Margaret B.

Our representative explained a complicated need for supplemental insurance to me after the death of my husband.  Other people tried, but our representative out-shined all other insurance representatives who tried to sell me insurance.  Thank You.

Cynthia R.

I’ve been trying for years to get my husband to be proactive concerning sitting down to think about and make arrangements.  He said he should be never did.  He is now almost 70 years old and we’ve paid off our home – he finally said he would listen...

Candace S.

My representative is excellent and extremely informative on all aspects of Secondary Medical Coverage.  Being new to MediCare, he was able to assist me in the right direction and will recommend him to my friends who will be going on MediCare.